Teacher Training 2020

Hello beautiful Yogis! It’s getting into the middle of December, but it’s not that cold yet! The weather is supposed to be on the warmer side, so I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing.It’s awesome to hear such a positive response and so many people interested in coming to the teacher training in August already! I am getting many questions so to answer some of them…. here you go.The course will be the entire month of August, 8 hours a day, everyday. A daily schedule will be coming soon, but first the weekly schedule will be something like this:

Week 1: First we learn about the body. Week 1 focuses on Anatomy (both the physical and energetic body) and Physiology

Weekend 1: Walk around Krakow, Sound Healing Concert, Reiki Attunement

Week 2: Then we move the body. Week 2 focuses on many different styles of Movement

Weekend 2: Trip out of Krakow to Tatra Mountains

Week 3: Then we move out from the body and raise our awareness to the intelligence, consciousness and supreme consciousness. Week 3 focuses on Philosophy, Spirituality and the Lifestyle of Yoga

Weekend 3: Trip out of Krakow to Tatra Mountains

Week 4: We get down to business. Week 4 focuses on planning/sequencing a class, teaching a Vinyasa class, and making a career in Yoga

Weekend 4: Graduation party and closing circle

Stay tuned for more details!

Teacher Training 2020
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