Sexy. Seductive. Cheap. Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about the Red Light District of Amsterdam. I’m talking about the sensual Polish city of Krakow. And it is exactly that. Sensual. In all aspects of the word. It has something for every sense.

The sites of the Old Town, Jewish Quarter, Wawel Castle, Main Square, plenty of churches and numerous parks. The sounds of music and street performers on almost every street and the trumpet that plays every hour, on the hour, in the Rynek Glowny. The effervescent natural smells of flora and fauna that come from the trees, bushes, flowers of Planty and the plethora of parks and even the forest smells wafting in from nearby Las Wolski Forrest. The tastes of not only traditional Polish cuisine and Vodka, but restaurants and bars of all forms of food and drink; ranging from Mexican to Asian Fusion. The ancient touch that will grip you as you walk down the streets is undeniable. Even turning on your metaphysical Sixth Sense, as the spirits of old guide you towards the Chakra stone that was placed by Shiva under Wawel Castle.

Unknown Treasure

Krakow, for some reason, is still relatively unknown for people in the West. With just under a million people, it’s not a very big city, but also not a small one. It’s certainly not the size that counts when considering everything that Krakow has to offer. A general rule of thumb for Krakow is, if you come here, you will stay here longer than expected. And who wouldn’t want to stay here for a few extra days, weeks, months, or even years? It’s just that magical. But don’t take it from me. Here are what some experts have to say…

If you like eating out, Krakow is the place for you. There are more restaurants and bars in the Old Town of Krakow then any other city in Europe. Many of these restaurants are 3 or 4 stars (or even 5 star or listed in Michelin guide), but the price of a 1 or 2 star restaurant in other cities. Krakow has won numerous awards for Gastronomy and has been even rated the “Best City in Europe for Foodies.”

With a gourmet dinner costing less than 10 GBP (and a tasty craft beer to go along with that gourmet dinner, coming in at less than 2 GBP), Krakow was also voted “Best Value for Money European City” by

Krakow has been voted the best city in Europe by numerous magazines. The UK’s, “Daily Mail” has voted it the “Best City Break in Europe” for the past 3 years. CNN even put it on it’s list of Top Ten Best Cities in the World, debuting as the first Polish City ever to claim such an honour at “luck number” 7

Best. City. Ever.

Krakow. Say it again. Krakow. Now say it like a local. Crack-oov. Now say it like you mean it. Krakow! Because once you come here, you will want to stay. Everyone does.

The surrounding areas of Krakow are just as impressive as the actual city. Malopolska, or Lesser Poland, is home to the Tatra Mountains and many other intoxicating, natural settings filled with Jurassic, rocky, and sometimes seemingly other-worldly, landscapes. The weekends of the course will be spent immersing ourselves in places like Zakopane, Ocjow or many other “Dolinas” (or Valleys) feeling the earth beneath our feet and experiencing the true power of connection. 

In short, Krakow might just be the best place ever to spend a month at Yoga school. 


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld


Take a peek inside our Wonderworld

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