Teacher Training 2021

Hello beautiful Yogis! It’s getting into the middle of December, but it’s not that cold yet! The weather is supposed to be on the warmer side, so I hope you enjoy whatever you are doing.It’s awesome to hear such a positive response and so many people interested in coming to the teacher training in August […]

Why Kraków? A story

“What is this?!” I turned around to see my new Australian friend Dom staring up at the sky and watching as snow started to fall all around us. It was the type of snow that you can see each individual snow flake float down from the clouds and land on the ground with a soft crunch.“What […]

Nomad Yoga goes global

Nomad Yoga has officially gone global! Thanks to Jim Harrington and all the other amazing humans for sharing such a beautiful experience in Manali. After that trip, I am inspired to do more, be more, learn more and teach more. There is already talk of more collaboration and more international retreats (India, Guatemala, Portugal, Peru, […]

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